Forward Plan

 our planning framework in moving forward

 ‘on the way together’

 Forward Plan 2015 and toward 2020

In the implementation of the UnitingCare Geelong Forward Plan 2015 (toward 2020), I as the CEO, the Board of Governance, Volunteers, and Staff are committed to:

  • enact our Mission;
  • achieve our 1 to 3 year Goals
  • fulfil our Strategic Priorities; and
  • realise our Vision toward 2020.

UnitingCare Geelong Forward Plan 2015 (toward 2020) is about our sense of the needs of people and communities doing it tough and how UnitingCare Geelong (UCG) can assist in a way that makes a difference.  What can we do to make a difference?

This is why our Forward Plan includes areas such as strategic positioning of services and the operational needs and resource requirements for UCG to continue providing Emergency Relief services and programs that assist people and communities of disadvantage.

Our aim is to work together to promote a positive organisational culture, which achieves success and provides strong community leadership.   

This aim incorporates a strong belief that:

  • We fulfil a serious and important role
  • We do it exceptionally well
  • We set, and endeavour to achieve very high standards
  • We hold ourselves accountable
  • We work together, combining our skills and experience
  • We do make a significant difference to individuals and community
  • We have fun and enjoy what we do
  • We celebrate our successes
  • We learn from our mistakes
  • We encourage each other.

Chief Executive Officer