Emergency Relief

UnitingCare Geelong provides food vouchers, food, clothing, household goods and Christmas gifts to families and individuals.


When UCG speaks about Emergency Relief we are on about being present when people can’t manage to get by, when they struggle because they have no disposable income and there is nothing left by the middle of the week, and when they cannot access what people with disposable income take for granted. 

The impact of not having basic living needs is enormous for individuals, couples, families and at times communities in crisis.  The experience of social isolation, depression and loneliness, drug and alcohol dependence, and family breakdown are becoming more common with many agencies assisting increased numbers of people seeking Emergency Relief.  Also in many cases agencies are seeing increased complexity of need and more extreme hardship than previous. 

Providing Emergency Relief plays a crucial role in addressing the gap in resources and community support experienced during hardship.  The contribution goes way beyond the financial and material aid they distributed, it is about connection, relationship, and walking with people and communities to navigate their way to a better place in their lives.   

Provision of critical support to individuals, families and communities who for various reasons, experience immediate crisis assists them to access appropriate food, clothing, health care, secure housing, meaningful work, education, rest and enjoyment; and the opportunity to live a decent life.

Phone numbers for Emergency Relief appointments:

Grovedale (9:30 AM to 12 Noon Mon-Fri) & Winchelsea (10 AM -Noon Thursdays only) call 03-4210-1100

Norlane (9:30 AM to 12 Noon Mon-Fri) call 5278-8492

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Annual Closedown of Emergency Relief Services over Christmas/New Year:

  • We close shortly before Christmas to allow for Christmas distributions
  • We generally reopen the second or third week of January
  • Those people who normally receive emergency relief from us can visit the Salvation Army in Bellerine Street whilst we are closed