Education Assistance Program

Education Assistance Program

Coordinator: Pat Smith

  • The requirement of the Education Assistance Program is to provide for education assistance to people and families within our community who are a recipient of welfare support.
  • The program funding is restricted by the amounts received by generous benefactors and how many families and students we can see is totally dependant on this amount.
  • The program allocates funding for Secondary and Primary Education.
  • Clients must call to make an appointment for Secondary School assistance.
  • The program is solely administered by volunteers under the guidance of Pat Smith, who access the needs and allocate appropriate funding in line with budgetary and UCG guidelines.


The program allocates funds per student up to a fixed $ budget amount according to the students year level.

Items Supplied

  • Uniform (Up to a budgeted amount)
  • Text Books (up to a budgeted amount).
  • Limited funds to providing VCE Math’s calculators and year 7 bonding camps.
  • Limited provision of Shoes (only every second year assistance to students who were allocated shoes in the current year)

Note: We do not supply Stationery items, back packs.


Primary School assistance is obtained by a referral from the Welfare Officer or Principal of the School. Contact is made with UCG by the school on behalf of the student/family.