To locate our Highton First Options Op Shop, see the map below.

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First Options Op Shop 8 Porter Ave., Highton                   PH: 5241 3976
Charity UnitingCare Geelong
Open Monday to Friday 10 am to 4 pmSaturday 10am to 11am
Shop area Small size shop
Expect to see Clothing: men’s, ladies, children’s, retro gear, accessories, furniture, toys, books, Manchester/ linen, crockery, sporting gear, electrical goods. Bric-a-brac, vinyl records, CDs, collectables and magazines
Goods not sold Large furniture and food
Parking At front of shop
Payment options Cash only

Our Story: HIGHTON

Donations from the public continue to arrive at a good rate ensuring variety of stock passes through the shop thereby giving the customers more opportunity to purchase.  Our small workroom and smaller storage area continues to be a concern with all workers especially with OH&S issues and the volume of donations required to be dealt with in this environment.

It is hoped that we will have some resolution to these issues in the future. 

Over the past 18 months our takings have continued to increase surpassing previous years’ takings.  Rearranging of the shop during last Christmas closure I giving improved access and stock rotation has brought about the increase. Clients and volunteers alike have welcomed the changes.  Continual improvement within the shop can ensure further increase takings. 

The renewal of the lease has pleased our volunteers with the owner agreeing to improve the hazardous front door that will remove one of the important OH&S issues we have in our shop.

Ideally a larger shop would allow for greater possibilities but realistically this is not an option.

We can only dream! 

Yours in Op’Shopping, Carol Pyers